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08-JUL Updated newsletter - Becky and I have taken over newsletter duties. 30-JUN Updated sched. 24-JUN Updated sched for Stewart’s. 23-JUN Updated sched. See Facebook group video 18-JUN Updated newsletter. - Webmaster Dean Wilson will take over authoring and publishing the newsletter monthly. 17-JUN Updated SEP wine host - Stewarts. Updated sched. 18-MAY Updated newsletter 27-APR Updated sched 10-APR Updated sched, newsletter 18-MAR Repaired graphic conversions of test tables AHHHHhhh! 16-MAR Corrected sched for NWTP to 6/23/24. Updated 45th Year for password. Updated newsletter, sched. 17-FEB Updated sched, newsletter, combined 2023 newsletters 27-JAN Updated sched, newsletter. Sorry for the delay! 01-JAN Updated sched, reconfigured for new year. ==========================  2024  ================================================= 07-DEC Updated Newsletter 13-NOV Updated sched. 12-NOV Updated Newsletter 30-OCT Updated sched. 12-OCT Software issues after update. Updated sched, newsletter. 12-SEP Venue moved to Corynne’s due to Covid breakout at Dan Reppe’s.  Updated RSVP and info 6-SEP Updated sched - setback on website, rolled back to old backup somehow...? 30-JUN Updated newsletter 12-JUN Updated sched 6-JUN Updated sched, newsletter 15-MAY Updated Sched, newsletter 07-APR Updated Annual Year front page, password for full newsletters, newsletters and schedule 04-MAR Updated newsletter, sched.26-FEB (New computer) Updated sched per Bill Sadler email 14-FEB Updated Newsletter 27-JAN Updated sched 14-JAN Corrected date from 21-JAN to 22-JAN for next meeting 13-JAN Updated newsletter, sched 07-JAN Updated sched ==========================  2023  ================================================= 26-DEC Updated sched, per Sadler email 03-DEC Updated newsletter 29-NOV Updated sched 12-NOV Posted Spatburgunder Document 07-NOV Updated AWS logo 06-NOV Updated newsletter 23-OCT Updated sched, RSVP links 08-OCT Updated sched, newsletter, RSVP links 18-SEP Canceled marked on today’s meeting due to Covid-19 12-SEP Updated sched 10-SEP Updated sched, newsletter 28-AUG Updated Doc’s topic to specify “Douro Valley of Portugal” rather than simply “Portugal”. Sorry, Doc! Updated sched. 10-AUG Updated sched, newsletter 23-JUL Updated sched. Corrected email links (non-RSVP) 07-JUL Updated sched, newsletter, Grillon’s email address 20-MAY Updated Chairperson links, newsletter May supplement, sched 30-APR Updated newsletter, sched 23-APR Updated sched, poste PDF of LeRoy’s recipe 03-APR Updated sched, posted PDF of Sien’s presentation, newsletter 07-MAR Updated sched, posted PPTX of Regions Of Italy PowerPoint 12-JAN Updated sched, newsletter ===============================  2022  ================================================= 25-NOV Updated sched, newsletter 10-OCT Updated sched, newsletter 31-AUG Posted revised CCAWS Membership Brochure 2021 23-AUG Updated newsletter, sched 11-JUL Updated RSVP, Waze 03-JUL Updated sched, newsletter 19-JUN Posted link to presentation online for mobiles 01-JUN Updated June venue, newsletter 25-MAY Updated NTP host. Corrected mobile page dates 10-MAY Fixed wrong date in Mobile page, was 26-MAY 26-APR Updated newsletter, meeting minutes, sched. 28-MAR Updted newsletter, sched 09-MAR Updated newsletter, sched 29-JAN Added Bernie Vogel event 13-FEB 22-JAN Updated sched, newsletter 12-JAN-2021 Reestablished FTP service. Updated schedule, newsletter, etc. ===============================  2021  ================================================= ========== computer problems: user corrupted - Sorry! =============== 09-DEC Computer reconfigured 27-NOV Updated sched, Newsletter 14-NOV Posted YouTube video of Scholarship Recipient 2020 27-OCT Updated sched, posted results of NTP 08_OCT Updated sched, newsletter 01-SEP Updated sched, newsletter, posted info sheet from Dorothy encrypted. 03-JUL Updated sched, newsletter 30-MAY Updated sched, newsletter 22-MAY updated mobile sched, added RSVP 09-MAY Newsletter, Updated sched, archives. ===== CoVID-19 Quarantine ====== 04-MAR Updated sched. 18-FEB Newsletter, updated Sien RSVP email address 02-FEB Updated schedule, newsletter 01-FEB Updated schedule, posted Feb event 04-JAN-2020 Updated schedule, website copyright, chairperson email, archives page, newsletter ===============================  2020  ================================================= 01-DEC Updated 2020 sched, newsletter 23-NOV Updated sched. 03-NOV Updated newsletter. Added missing Aug Sep editions. Posted links to Basket info. 20-OCT Updated (corrected) sched. 04-OCT Updated newsletter. 21-SEP Update sched. 18-AUG Update sched. Posted info on Master Wine Tasting Class from Jerry 21-JUL (Sorry, travelling in Europe) Updated sched., newsletter. 23-JUN Updated sched, moved date to 11-AUG 12-JUN Archived Black Ankle Telescope event. 02-JUN Updated newsletter 28-MAY Updated sched 18-MAY Posted Wine Under the Stars link from Doc Desai. 08 MAY Updated newsletter, sched. 05 MAY Updated sched. 06 APR Posted Memorial for Peter Haslauer. Updated newsletter 17-MAR Updated sched, 40th year, 16-MAR Posted RSVP link... sorry! 04-MAR Updated sched., newsletter 26-FEB Updated sched. 03-FEB Updated newsletter, corrected RSVP venue (was Horrocks) 02-FEB Fixed incorrect date and topic in sidebar. Duh. Sorry Robert! 31-JAN Updated Horrock’s Theme 21-JAN Updated Sched 02-DEC Updated newsletter ==================  2019  ================ 30-DEC Recovered after system crash rebuild. Updated sched. 29-NOV Updated sched 14-NOV Added RSVP link (Sorry Bill!) Posted Jack’s memorial. 05-NOV Updated November topic, posted newsletter 28-OCT Updated Sched 15-OCT Added Baskets message from Jerry. 05-OCT Updated corrected encrypted newsletter. Added WAZE icon. 03-OCT Updated topic, newsletter 30-SEP Updated sched. Added Horrocks 08-SEP Updated newsletter, topic heading 30-AUG Updated Sep Topic per LeRoy 27-AUG Changed Sep. House host to Breedings 21-AUG Updated sched. 08-AUG Updated newsletter. Fixed Aug19th date - duh. 05-AUG Made repairs to Mobile email buttons. Each layer was linked to Jackie’s email...? Grouped layers. 23-JUL Posted CCAWS Facebook Page link to Drone Video 22-JUL Updated sched 11-JUL Updated mobile schedule - oops. 07-JUL Updated newsletter, posted Our History by Jack and Emily in About. 03-JUN Updated newsletter 23-MAY Updated schedule 11-MAY Updated Hampton’s wine theme and others. 02-MAY Updated sched., newsletter, added Batavik RSVP info. 02-APR Updated sched, CCAWS Revised Bylaws, newsletter, and Accounting Report 2017 19-MAR Updated password to 39, updated sched 02-MAR Updated newsletter, Sien tasting photos 22-FEB Updated Sched 02-FEB Updated newsletter, sched. 29-JAN Updated sched, newsletter list, and Archive pages for 2018. 02-JAN-2018 Updated newsletter, sched. ==== 2018 ==== 31-DEC Corrected date on mobile sched from 19 to 18-FEB. Several other dates corrected, wrong on 11-2017 newsletter. 13-DEC Added photo and fb link for Bernie Vogel 12-DEC Update RSVP preferences for Doc Desai. 11-DEC Updated sched; added Doc Desai contact; initiated archives 2018 30-NOV Updated Ron Riley’s final newsletter 24-NOV spelling correction, updated AWS bylaws. Fixed newsletter annual archive links. 20-NOV Updated sched 06-NOV Updated sched 13-OCT Posted MDWF aerial video 03-OCT Updated newsletter, sched 25-SEP Updated sched, archives 15-SEP Updated newsletter, sched 28-AUG Updated newsletter 17-JUL Updated sched. 15-JUL Updated schedule, newsletter (sorry everyone!) 20-JUN Added results spreadsheet from Pat. V. 19-JUN Updated sched. Posted links to Pat V’s PPT and PDF presentation, and AWS links. 06-JUN Updated sched (was showing May 26!?) Updated newsletter 21-MAY Updated sched 06-MAY Updated Prevosto’s email address; posted newsletter with editions. 27-APR Repaired link location on page to Nationals 10-APR Updated sched 02-APR Updated sched, newsletter 26-MAR Updated post for Carrs’ tasting full. Updated 38th year. Updated newsletter password. 21-MAR Updated sched. Added RSVP links. 14-MAR Added video to Faustino tasting 11-MAR Updated Carr’s date and topic. Removed Drone video link on home pages. 08-MAR Updated newsletter 27-FEB Updated sched, Archives. Added MD Wine link 25-FEB Added YouTube Widget for Drone Video at Grillons 03-FEB Added newsletter, photos from 2016 Champagne 25-JAN Updated sched 03-JAN-2017 Updated newsletter and Newsletter page. Updated website for new year 2017, Archives, etc. ====  2017 ==== 30-DEC Added AWS YouTube Channel link. 19-DEC Updates Sien RSVP phone number per email from Eileen 18-DEC Updated Dropbox instructions. 17-DEC Updated sched 05-DEC Corrected dates from 15-May to 21-May and 19-Jun to 18-Jun. 01-DEC Updated Mobile page. Updated sched topics. 30-NOV Updated newsletter 27-NOV Updated sched. 12-NOV New venue changed from Sadlers’ to Johnstons’ due to medical emergency 03-NOV Updated newsletter; removed AWS national info. 17-OCT Updated sched, added photos 12-OCT Updated RSVP links 05-OCT Updated newsletter 19-SEP Updated sched. 04-SEP Improved upload instructions to DropBox. Added links to Haslauer. Updated topics, newsletter. 03-SEP Changed CCAWS DropBox link to anonymous upload without login, account, etc. 23-AUG Updated sched. 18-AUG Updated lost links. Updated Haslauer/Stewart collaboration. 17-AUG Recovered backup (whew!) 08-AUG Removed Frederick Wine Fest poster. Added MESSAGE page and link from Ron re: Volunteers for Premiere Tent @ MWF 06-AUG Updated newsletter. Updated October tasting theme 02-AUG Added Frederick Wine Fest link. 31-JUL Updated sched - sorry, vacation in Sweden! 07-JUL Updated newsletter 25-JUN Updated sched. 16-JUN Updated RSVP - Sold Out per R. Riley. 03-JUN Updated Newsletter. Added DropBox button. 29-MAY Updated sched. Posted Becky’s recipes from the Old Westminster Winery Tasting & Tour. 09-MAY Corrected link to AWS 2016 Vintage Chart 08-MAY Updated newsletter 25-APR Updated info for tour of Old Westminster Winery May 26th 24-APR Updated Sched. 16-APR Added link to Baltimore Sun article: MD Winemaker Startups 15-APR Added Westminster Wine Stroll announcement from Ron. 09-APR Added Other AWS Chapter links page. Makes me feel better about this website. 08-APR Updated Schedule, Newsletter 23-MAR Updated Schedule, Annual Password 05-MAR Updated Newsletter, schedule 22-FEB Updated Schedule 03-FEB Updated Newsletter 17-JAN Added AWS 2016 enrollment page & info. Later updated sched. Removed RSVPs. 15-JAN Updated RSVP links and mobile page 07-JAN Removed John Landon’s image from the Aroma Wheel link. Updated Documents page links to open in new window. 04-JAN Updated newsletter. Moved 2015 newsletters to single archive. Added Total Discount to link page. 02-JAN Updated Photo & Archive links to post all photo access on Photos page =============== 2016 ================= 16-DEC Updated sched. Created 2016 Archive page, updated archive links. 13-DEC Updated photos of Champagne Tasting. 01-DEC Updated newsletter. Added RSVP links 29-NOV Repaired links on home and mobile pages 24-NOV Updated sched w/ MD Wine Festival dates; listed 2016 proposed dates. Completed About Us, removed Under Construction status 23-NOV Updated sched per Riley email 19-NOV Added VisaMastercard logo 16-NOV Updated sched; added recipe from Pat V.; Added Photo Gallery (Google Drive) and posted links in Archives 08-NOV Added Recipes from Oct. Updated links. 05-NOV Updated Newsletter, RSVP links 26-OCT Added Basket info and links 18-OCT Updated sched. 17-OCT Updated RSVP links 10-OCT Updated newsletters and sched. 21-SEP Updated sched. 12-SEP Updated RSVP links. Added guest speaker Russel Moss photos. Added Courpas & Landon photos 05-SEP Updated Newsletter. Added AWS National Conference links. 19-AUG Updated sched 14-AUG Updated MWF Ticket Info 05-AUG Updated Newsletter, MWF Poster and Volunteer info 19-JUL Updated Sched 15-JUL Updated New Members page to add link to CCAWS Membership Brochure 08-JUL Updated newsletter 16-JUN Added links and flyer for PICNIC. Added topic and graphic for Hampton’s Aug. tasting 15-JUN Updated sched. 03-JUN Updated newsletter 31-MAY Updated RSVP links. 18-MAY Updated sched. 06-MAY Updated newsletter, sched. 21-APR Updated sched. 15-APR Removed Carrs’ from sched per email from Riley. Substituted Courpas for Dec. Compiled all Basket archives to a new Basket page. Redacted phone number from Baskets pages. 05-APR Problems with software. Temporarily reverted to Xara Web Designer 8.1.4. Updated newsletter. 29-MAR Modified One-Click to One-Tap Button for Mobile Schedule features. 28-MAR Update schedule, graphics for Breedings’ tasting; Updated Annual Year (36). Added links on Home and Mobile pages to AWS 2014      Vintage Chart. 11-MAR Updated Johnstons’ Annual Meeting tasting date to 22-MAR due to severe snow/melt/mud. Updated CCAWSWebsiteIcon.png (Favicon) 07-MAR [system down problems] Posted newsletter. 21-FEB Added AWS dues reminder to sidebar 19-FEB Tests on iPhone, Android and iPad passed for new mobile features. Updated test buttons to actual. 16-FEB Updated schedule, Johnston’s theme, GPS location button. Posted Note regarding call for ideas on Wine Ed at MWF. Posted Test buttons on mobile page for James and Joe to check on Android, iPad. 09-FEB Updated mobile page: added RSVP Call, Email buttons, Calendar Event button, GPS Location button. 07-FEB Updated mobile page, newsletter. Revised Newsletter page for clarity. Added phone and email RSVP for Grillons 04-FEB Corrected Thanksgiving date (was 19th). Added February’s theme, Bordeaux 21-JAN Updated sched 16-JAN added RSVP link to Mobile page 13-JAN added RSVP link 05-JAN-2015 Updated sched and Newsletter. 2015 31-DEC Updated Chairperson links to .com (was .net duh). Updated Pat’s comment to bring Greek-themed dishes and condiments with links. 19-DEC Updated Jan tasting to Valas/Greek; Chairperson link to Ron. 15-DEC Updated sched; added 2015 Archive page, modified 2014 page. 28-NOV Updated newsletter. 16-NOV Updated sched; Mobile shortcut links. 08-NOV Updated sched with Nov. topic Gewurtztraminer. Added RSVP link. Updated newsletter. 28-OCT Added Android instructions to Mobile Schedule How-To page 27-OCT Added AWS national link and Chairperson contact link to Mobile Schedule 25-OCT Updated sched, sidebar. Mobile 07-OCT Upated newsletters (missing some???) 30-SEP Updated sched (finally!) 08-SEP Updated newsletter. Found July missing, apparently never sent out. Becky and Pennee both feel the homepage is too difficult, too busy. I feel it might be better to view on mobile devices. Considering revamp to mobile-only downscaling, at least for homepage. 27-AUG Struggling with links 23-AUG Corrected Stewarts’ date to SEP 14 duh. 17-AUG Updated sched 05 AUG Updated MDWF info, volunteer link for Emily. 03 AUG Updated July newsletter, sched. Added 2015 schedule. Minor edits. 01-AUG Updated Stewarts’ theme. Added AWS conference online registration instructions per email. 27-JUL Updated schedule. No newsletter for July to date. Updated links page. 03-JUL Added PDF picnic brochure with permission via email from George 25-JUN Added photo for Piedmont theme from Hampton 24-JUN Updated Hamptons’ August theme to Piedmont; added map 19-MAY Restored RSVP to Grillon per Jacquie’s email. 17-MAY Fixed links in sidebar. Changed RSVP to Ann. 15-MAY Removed Becky’s photo contest; Cut Throat Kitchen invitation. Added blurb on picnic. Fixed link to Carroll County Tourism. 10-MAY Updated sched. 07-MAY Added Becky’s Photo Contest Voting Widget to sidebar 03-MAY Updated Newsletter; National Tasting Topic; RSVP link 19-MAY Updated sidebar graphics 18-May Updated venue for June to Johnstons 14-MAY Corrected June tasting from 7th to 8th, Sunday. 12-MAY Updated newsletter; added Blue Bistro Cut Throat Kitchen invitation image. 06-MAY Added Maryland Wine Press link for Wine in the Woods and other events. 05-MAY Updated RSVP link for Prevostos. 15-APR Removed past events notices. Added photos link to Google+. 11-APR Added poster for MWF, links. Cleaned up sidebar links. 08-APR Updated sched. Added photos of Breedings and Wende and Jim Bernau 04-APR Posted Event info for Decanter festival at Pimlico 31-MAR Updated newsletter, removed added map links 29-MAR Added encrypted email memo with map to Breedings on Newsletter page 24-MAR Updated sched to 6-APR; added guest presenter Wende Bennette. 18-MAR Updated website for 35th year. Updated newsletter password. Updated sched. Added News & Info sidebar; ZAP convention; AWS              password update info. PDF. 10-FEB Updated newsletter, schedule date for June, Johnstons’ topic Primitivo; topic for Slick, Bella Bianco! 24-FEB Updated schedule. 21-FEB Compiled 2013 newsletters into single document. 14-FEB Updated April meeting date to 13-April 13-FEB Grillons’ meeting rescheduled due to heavy snow. Updated newsletter versions to reflect new date. Posted memo from Ann. 09-FEB Updated Feb. topic for Grillons’ 25-JAN Updated sched. Posted link to MWF Poster Contest Entry 09-JAN Updated newsletter. Updated Archives page to remove link to old website. 08-JAN-2014 Migrated program to upgraded computer HP-Z400. **********************************************  2014  *************************************************** 21-DEC Extensive updates to Archive and Articles pages to reduce server load. Added RSVP link to Corynne. Complete removal of Old website content, reduced by 110MB. 19-DEC Updated schedule for 2014, extending into 2015; Major work on 2013 meeting archives. 07-DEC Updated Champagne meeting date from 08-DEC to 15-DEC 01-DEC Updated Newsletter, combined wine results, originally distributed separately 28-NOV Updated RSVP link to Blosverens 24-NOV Updated sched 11-NOV Updated newsletter. Added RSVP link 21-OCT Updated sched. Removed “new” website reference 19-OCT Removed RSVP link 14-OCT Added RSVP link; added CC Tourism Calendar link 13-OCT Updated newsletter 24-SEP Updated schedule. Updated to 59 MD wineries. 16-SEP Updated schedule. 12-SEP Removed RSVP link. Added CCAWSwebsiteIcon to “favicon” 04-SEP Updated Peter & Simone photo 02-SEP Updated newsletter 28-AUG Updated Topic, photos of Lee, Simone & Michael; RSVP link 23-AUG Updated sched 17-AUG Removed RSVP link. Updated Articles page 07-AUG Updated topic, RSVP link, newsletter 24-JUL Updated home page graphics 18-JUL Updated sched 06-JUL Updated newsletter, front page 01-JUL Updated new date for picnic to 14 JUL was 21 JUL 29-JUN Updated RSVP link for Picnic. Updated shadow graphics on left margin highlight headers. 23-JUN Updated sched. Added last meeting to Archives 01-JUN Updated Newsletter. Added RSVP email function to javascript.mta and applied to Ron’s June meeting. 19-MAY Updated sched. 07-MAY Updated Wine Host for May to Nan Slick per Prevostos’ email. Updated newsletter, schedule. 02-MAY Updated May house host from Pardoe to Prevosto. Added calendar link; MWF 2013 poster; added subject line function to mailto Java script. 30-APR Added animated arrow for newsletter 27-APR Posted new 2013 website to domain 23-APR-2013 N3 website under development. Created Revision History page ..
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