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A Collection of Standard Documents Used by Members and Officers
The AWS Evaluation Scoring Sheet as a PDF form for easy fill-in and printing as a Microsoft Word document, editable for do-it-yourselfers The AWS Manual “This manual is more than a chapter chairman's handbook. It explains how to arrange a wine tasting. If you teach wine appreciation, give wine tastings as part of your business, or like to arrange tastings in your home, you will find helpful planning tips here.” Wine & House Host Guidelines This is a guide to help both Wine Hosts and House Hosts prepare and organize a well-managed meeting. The CCAWS Membership Brochure The AWS Aroma Wheel  (a JPG photo) AWS Logo Collection Various styles and sizes to download for your projects. The 2018 CCAWS Revised Bylaws The AWS Bylaws The 1995 CCAWS Revised Bylaws The 2003 AWS Revised Bylaws The 2015 AWS Revised Bylaws The AWS Insurance Program
Many documents are in Adobe PDF format. If you can't open these documents, or don't have this feature, you can get the FREE Adobe PDF Reader for PC, Mac, iThings, etc here
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