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Wine Education Posters This PDF document contains all of the descriptive posters seen at the Wine Education Seminar at the Maryland Wine Festival. People often ask where can they get these descriptions. Well, here they are. Enjoy!   Wines We Cook With By Becky Wilson A Food and Wine Tasting Several of our members are preparing dishes with the wines we more often cook with than drink. We will be tasting a food then sampling the wine then taking a second bite to see if we really feel the wine translates in the food This is also found in the Recipes page, but has more than just recipies. There are discussions of wines from all over and how they are used in cooking.
A Presentation of Wines for a New Cuisine and a New Millennium By Becky Wilson & Nan Slick May 2004 from Simone Haslauer’s tasting August 2009 By Emily Johnston, December 2003
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