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Recipe for Ed's Best Paté (PDF) - This was Becky's dish served at the 2009 Champagne Gala at the Blosveren's Wines We Cook With (PDF) (from Becky W.'s tasting at the Browns, April 15, 2007) This PDF document Includes the following recipes: · Blue cheese, Port and Walnut Spread · Mushroom and Gruyere Bread Pudding · Artichoke and Blue Cheese Bisque · Salmon with Lemon Capers and Rosemary · Chicken Breast with Honey Sauternes Sauce  · Beaumes-de-Venise Cake with Grapes Gateau de Beaumes-de-Venise aux Raisins · Sherry Butter Nut Drops · Chao Ji Song - (Minced Chicken in Lettuce Cups) Beautiful Blonde Blends handout contains the following recipes: · Baby Squash with Pancetta, Fennel Seed, and Roasted Tomato Stuffing · Smoked Trout and Avocado Salad · Asian-Inspired Shrimp Salad With Tropical Fruit · Grilled Lobster Tails with Green Curry-Mango Dipping Sauce Recipe for Sugar Nuts (from Emily M.) Recipe for Duffy's Spinach Salad (from Jeanne H.) Recipe for Warm Goat Cheese Tart with Caramelized Onions (from Becky W.) Recipe for Carrot and Tomato Soup (from Marc W.) Recipe for Spicy Green Beans  Masaledar sem  Recipe for Soupe Au Pistou  Pesto Soup Recipe for Coconut Mango Cheesecake - This is so good, it may be the only cheesecake you ever make again... Dean. Recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe for Gazpacho (from Phil B. 1999) Recipe for Breakfast Casserole (from Emily J.) Recipe for Ham, Fontina, and Spinach Bread Pudding Recipe for Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup Recipe for Parmesan Polenta Fries (from Food-Wine Pairing Oct. 2015) (from Tracy Koch Oct. 2015) Recipe for Cheddar Corn Chowder (from Food-Wine Pairing Oct. 2015) (from Tracy Koch Oct. 2015) Recipe for Tuna Tartare (from Food-Wine Pairing Oct. 2015) (from Tracy Koch Oct. 2015) Recipe for Green Peppercorn Sauce (from Food-Wine Pairing Oct. 2015) (from Tracy Koch Oct. 2015) Recipe for Lamb And White Bean Chili (from New Zealand tasting Nov. 2015) (from Pat. V/NYTimes) Recipes from the Tasting & Tour of the Old Westminster Winery, May 26, 2016 Recipe for Sour Cream & Dill Sauce to Serve with Salmon Recipe for Caramelized Green Olives Recipe for Curried Chicken Salad Spread Recipe for Muffuletta Spread Recipe for Gorgonzola, Fig and Pecan Cheese Terrine Recipe for Mustard Cream Sauce Recipe for Herb-Marinated Pork Tenderloins Recipe for Ed's Best Paté (same as that listed above) Recipe for Pomegranate Salad (Thanksgiving tasting Nov. 2016) (from Corynne C.) Recipe Easy Puppy Chow Truffles (from  LeRoy Stewart)
All recipies have been served and enjoyed at a CCAWS function
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