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Our 2020 Scholarship Recipient! Andréanne Hébert-Haché, a PhD Candidate at Brock University, is the recipient of our scholarship: Carroll County, Maryland/G. Hamilton Mowbray Memorial Chapterin Memory of Peter Haslauer Please remember Andréanne and our future education fund recipients at our Basket raffle and other fundraising events in December! Thanks to all who participated!
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2020 Starts At 1:00PM! CLICK FOR MORE INFO TeamTastingChallenge! MichaelSien RSVPbyMARCH 5th! That’s  1:00 PM! Douro Valley Wines CANCELLED  DUE TO  QUARANTINE CANCELLED  DUE TO  QUARANTINE POSTPONED  DUE TO  QUARANTINE POSTPONED  DUE TO  QUARANTINE POSTPONED  DUE TO  QUARANTINE CLICK HERE  FOR  MORE INFO (password required) Remhoogte Winery  In Stellenbosch, South Africa The National Tasting Project:Washington State AVAs Click HERE for RESULTS