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Reliable Reds “Old Reliable” A Journey Through Merlot: FranceCaliforniaSouth America Hidden Gem VarietalsFollowing the  Annual Business Meeting at 1:00 P.M. Our thoughts are with his loving wife, Simone. With Great Sorrow Peter Haslauer We Remember Our Dear Friend and Fellow Member, BIG A__ REDS More... More Burgundy - Less Bucks: Burgundy from the Other Side of the Tracks Click for more...       Thanks, Doc! Glad no one came to Black Ankle Winery on Friday cuz there were only thick clouds that did not give us even a glimpse of the sky! The kids had a good time looking through the binoculars we had set up! Music was good as was the temperature!! Oh well! We will try for the October! Terroir Study of Napa Valley “Summertime, an’ the livin’ is easy with the last of the summer wine.” Rosé Guest Speaker: Master Sommelier, Fran Kysela Country French Wines A Mystery Tasting (BOOO!) WomenOfWine The ABCs theme – V thru Z The final episode