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SORRY, IT’SFULL! DATE	House	Wine Host	Topic 15 January		Sien			Special Guest:       19 February		Grillon		Horrocks          19 March			Sadler/Gambrill	Slick          9 April			Carr			Special Guest			            21 May			Prevosto		Nan Slick	    Virginia Is For Lovers  of Wild, Wacky, White  Wines        18 June 			Riley		Valas		               16 July			Grillon		All			   (No August 2017 meeting)   17 Sep			Hampton 		Hampton		The Diverse Wines  of Sonoma  				   15 Oct			Hedges					 A Meggan, Mike, Chris & Tracy Production        19 Nov			Sadler		Slick				Red and Whites     “H thru N”			      10 Dec			Courpas		Landon			Champagne! 2017
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What’s The Difference? Michael Sien A comparison of 3 grapes:  •	Pinot Grigio •	Syrah •	Nebbiolo
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Oregon Wines    Without the  PIN  T N  IR The AWS National Wine Tasting Project: Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic Wines 2017:A Spice Odyssey The Aromatics of Cabernet & Syrah