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Carroll County, Maryland Chapter of the American Wine Society
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   Our 36th Year!

The Vivino App Get this free wine app recommended by at least two members! Sep   20th   House Hosts: The Haslauers Topic:                  Thanks to the Hamptons!                            The Cutting Garden florist is one of  our favorite local Westminster  shops, located in the Fairground  Village Shopping Center near  Park's Landing and Starry Nights.  Check their website for discounts  and specials!      Website of the  Maryland Wineries Association provides a great calendar  of wine events in Maryland.  Currently highlighting  61  Maryland wineries and counting!            And this is a great link:    from Carroll County Tourism.

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Carroll County Chapter of the American Wine Society, Carroll County, MD, USA
NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! (click here) I WANT TO HOST! (click here) Advertisement: Home Kevin Atticks, Executive Director, Maryland Wineries Association GotGrapes? Click This MarylandWine.Com Carroll County  Events Calendar The Current Schedule All meetings start at 2 PM or we’ll make a big deal about it! 			2015 Date	House	Wine	Topic 19-20 Sep	The Maryland Wine Festival              20 September	Haslauer	Stewart	NEW DATE! 			Wines of the Vaucluse        18 October	Hedges	Chris & Tracy & 		Mike & Meggan		Wine Pairings! 15 November	Sadler	?	? 26 November			Thanksgiving 13 December	Courpas	Landon	Champagne! The 2014 AWS Vintage Chart A Sensory Exploration of South African Wines The 2015 MWF Poster! MWF Volunteer Info ORDER TICKETS NOW AND SAVE! NEW 2015: EXPLORER PASS  Upgraded ticket to  3 wine tents  CLICK LINK FOR MORE INFO MORE INFO (FRANCE) Wines of theVaucluse